Can I charge shipping on my item(s)?

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2016 11:42AM PDT

Q: Is shipping an option?
Yes. Every seller can add shipping as an option. This allows them to charge an appropriate amount depending on the items size/weight/distance.

Q: What happens if someone buys more than one item from me?

A: When someone buys multiple items and chooses shipping at time of payment, they will be charged the amount of all shipping costs combined. For example, they buy 3 items from the same seller with shipping costs of $5.00 on each item. At checkout they will be charged $15.00 to ship all 3 items.

Q: Why do some sellers not give shipping as an option?

A: The seller makes a decision for every item whether they want to add shipping as an option. Sometimes the seller feels it's just as easy to arrange pick up - especially in smaller centers. If there isn't a shipping option, the buyer can always contact the seller to make delivery arrangements.

Q: Am I charged fees on shipping?
Our fees are net of shipping but Stripe's fees are charged on the gross amount of the transaction.

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